When I inspect my bee hives (with potentially 50,000 bees in a single hive) what mainly protects me is a still mind. In martial arts/aikido we talk about “zanshin”. It is a mind that is present, clear and alert, not diluted and affected by emotions. Bees can smell emotions whatever they are. When mind is not driven by emotions or busy suppressing them, there is no conflict with nature and the surrounding world - therefore I become invisible to the bees.

In our world most actions are conducted by a mind infected with emotions. Any terrible event in the world caused by human beings happens as a reaction to emotions.

Recognising this is the first step towards ending the horrors in the world and within ourselves. A new world appears when mind can be appreciated for what it is:

A beautiful tool we own, rather than an emotional force that owns us.


Fear is not a personal experience.
Fear is what we all are made of.
Fear is always there.
Ready to erupt at any time.

Fear can only appear as a personal story.
And with it the hope that we can overcome it.

Fear is a stepping stone.
We don’t remove stepping stones.
Or linger on them.

Give up hope and fear disappears.
A story cannot exist without its content.