Breaking the Box

Life just is. There is no problem with it. It is like watching a movie. We may cry, or scream, or laugh, we may even get so involved that we shout at the screen and forget everything around us for a while. It is deeply enjoyable, stimulating and engaging. That is why we are watching the movie - or participating in life - in the first place.

The problem only starts when we get so involved with the story that it takes us over. It may not bother us so much if we like the story, but it becomes hell when we don’t. But whatever the story is, when we get emotionally so entangled that we believe we are the story, then our life in the box begins.

The story then creates its own logical reality. It then has a power of its own. It provides emotions we think are ours. It gives us a world we believe we belong to, take terribly serious and invest all our energy in. The more this happens the deeper we get drawn in and the further we move away from ourselves and others - and the tighter the box becomes. It is this tightness that creates suffering, not a painful story, yet we remain focussed on the story. We even become terrified of its ending, because we have come to believe that the story is all there is.

However, a story always ends. Sooner or later we will leave it behind, at the latest when death finally breaks the box and our last story ends. I believe life's greatest challenge is to break the box earlier and find that death does not exist. Only then we can become truly alive.

Stories and emotions live of each other and appear to be deeply - and often painfully - interlocked. Once untangled stories lose their significance - and emotions disperse when there is no story to fix them on. The result is an immense inner freedom and peace.

This process cannot be willed. It would just become another story. However, in an atmosphere of openness, alertness and presence without the need to do or change anything, life can open up in the most unexpected and liberating way. Together we can create a space for this to happen.