“Passionate Supervision”

Published by J.Kingsley (Editor: Robin Shohet) 2008

1st Chapter: “Breaking the Box. Supervision – a challenge to free ourselves”

A child is having a terrible nightmare. Isn’t our instinct to take it gently in our arms, hold it tenderly and by lovingly talking to it encourage it to wake up? In this chapter I show how I invite my supervisees to do exactly the same with their clients: Rather than to examine their client’s stories and to explore their feelings I encourage my supervisees to open up to a bigger reality and by doing that help their clients to go beyond their own stories. We do not suffer because life is so painful. We suffer because we have outgrown the box we have built around ourselves and are in danger to suffocate. What is needed is not the healing of wounds, but our willingness to break out of our boxes. Passionate Supervision offers a way to do this.”